Site Number: 6028

Date of Survey: 09/15/2019
Address: 727, 729, 731
Number of Structures: 1
Construction Date: 1971
Current Use of Primary Building: Multi Family
Historic Use of Primary Building: Multi Family
Secondary Building:
Style of Primary Building: Other

Number of Stories: 2
Width (bays): 6
Foundation Material: Concrete
Depth (rooms): 2
Structural System:
Wall Cladding Material: brick, vinyl
Roof Shape: Gable
Roof Material: asphalt shingle

Decorative Details/Unique Features:

Vernacular, Three small porticos supported with piers reflect separation of space with two being gabled and the middle one shed, stretcher bond veneer reflects first floor with vinyl overhead on second, straight vinyl on side

Evidence of Integrity Location/Materials:

Exposed concrete foundation, original siding as gaps starting to become pronounced, bowing on back porch that is shared by two apartments, stretcher bond suggests just a veneer covering up frame

Additions/Alternations to Primary Building:

Replacement of pier on back to combat bowing with unpainted wood beam

Condition of Primary Building: Good
Observable Threats: none
Compatibility with Adjacent Land Uses:

Fits well in terms of use and height but surrounding structures are single-family houses not apartment complexes, style conflicts somewhat

Potential NR Eligibility: Non-Contributing
Evidence of Construction Date:

On FredGIS the apartment building's owner is listed as one Rebecca Glazebrook who is a co-founder of the Fredericksburg based Johnson and Glazebrook real estate agency, on their website the one of the apartments of the structure is listed for rental and its build date is listed as 1971

Other Comments/Salient Details:


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