Site Number: 2039

Date of Survey: 09/24/2017
Address: 1518
Number of Structures: 1
Construction Date: 1949
Current Use of Primary Building: Commercial
Historic Use of Primary Building: Commercial
Secondary Building:
Style of Primary Building: Commercial

Number of Stories: 1
Width (bays): 3
Foundation Material: Concrete
Depth (rooms): 2
Structural System: Frame
Wall Cladding Material: brick, cement
Roof Shape: Flat
Roof Material: other

Decorative Details/Unique Features:

Sloped concrete sidewalk up to front door, two large single pane windows flank entry door, left one covered by stucco/removed, immediate sides of front door covered by decorative pebble patterned stucco, brick wall covering is textured, extends on left right and front but rear and rear two thirds of left wall are exposed cinderblocks, side entrance on right side, row of short metal poles along left boundary divide, false roof parapet on 3 sides but not rear, rear has two additional entry points one center one far corner nearest adjacent residence, both flanked at left by windows and third window opening on corner closest to street, all covered with original metal awnings, metal awning sons front width above windows but below parapet

Evidence of Integrity Location/Materials:

Awnings all appear original to building, extant front pane window has original metal surround, rear facade likely original to use of building, original windows on left side

Additions/Alternations to Primary Building:

Front door and door sides likely replacements (possibly originally had sidelights), right side door and windows are replacements

Condition of Primary Building: Good
Observable Threats: none
Compatibility with Adjacent Land Uses:

Compatible with opposite and catacorner (all commercial) but not adjacent buildings or remainder of neighboring blocks (residential), incompatible in terms of form and style (squat, brick, undecorated), similar im teems of setback

Potential NR Eligibility: Contributing
Evidence of Construction Date:

Found in the UMW Historic Preservation Resources in the Fredericksburg, VA Permist to build 1947-1949 sorted by street.

Other Comments/Salient Details:


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