Site Number: 3040

Date of Survey: 09/17/2017
Address: 1823
Number of Structures: 2
Construction Date: 1935
Current Use of Primary Building: Institutional
Historic Use of Primary Building: Institutional
Secondary Building: Shed
Style of Primary Building: Bungalow/Craftsman

Number of Stories: 2
Width (bays): 9
Foundation Material: Concrete
Depth (rooms): 4
Structural System: Frame
Wall Cladding Material: wood clapboards, stone
Roof Shape: Gable
Roof Material: asphalt shingle

Decorative Details/Unique Features:

Decorative vent cover and dark wood stain on wooden clapboards. The basement windows have keystone decoration above them.
The building has some rustic stone veneer around the entire building. The wooden clapboards have been placed in a deliberate diagonal fashion, purely for aesthetics. The rubble stone used as the other wall cladding is not structural either, but aesthetically pertinent.

Evidence of Integrity Location/Materials:

The rubble stone and wooden clapboards that make the exterior are consistent throughout the structure's façade, suggesting it is original.

Additions/Alternations to Primary Building:

None are visible.

Condition of Primary Building: Good
Observable Threats: none
Compatibility with Adjacent Land Uses:

Compatible with surrounding commercial landscape except for style. The surrounding area is filled with both residential and commercial properties, intermixed. This structure is similar to the few home offices/businesses in its style.

Potential NR Eligibility: Borderline
Evidence of Construction Date:

To establish a build date, there was an analysis of the research relating to neighboring properties. This date was originally based off of a date range that was narrowed down to 1930 through evidence from the following resources:
- Deed records in the Circuit Court Archives located in Fredericksburg, VA and Spotsylvania, VA which show the purchase dates of lots. - Tax records in the Circuit Court Archives located in Fredericksburg, VA and Spotsylvania, VA
- The 1947 Sanborn Map.located in the Circuit Court Archives in Fredericksburg, VA
- Census document research located on the Fredericksburg Research Resources website created by Dr. Gary Stanton

Other Comments/Salient Details:

There are two chimneys made of the same stone (same as rest of façade), possibly functioning but most likely decorative. There is a wooden shed at the back of the property that is in the same design as the primary building, with dark wooden clapboards. On the back side of the primary structure there are outside steps leading down into a basement.

Edited by MAF, SB, CES, and CMJ.

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