Site Number: 3021

Date of Survey: 09/18/2017
Address: 2015
Number of Structures: 3
Construction Date: 1939
Current Use of Primary Building: Single Family
Historic Use of Primary Building: Single Family
Secondary Building: Shed
Style of Primary Building: Neocolonial

Number of Stories: 2
Width (bays): 3
Foundation Material: Concrete Block
Depth (rooms): 2
Structural System: Frame
Wall Cladding Material: stucco
Roof Shape: Gable
Roof Material: asphalt shingle

Decorative Details/Unique Features:

There is a wide overhang on the roof. There is a portico with a gable roof. The portico has simple, narrow wooden posts which are squared on the bottom half and is decoratively turned on the top half (with a small potion of the very top of the posts squared like the bottom). A wooden balustrade with a top and bottom rail and a simple wooden handrail on the wooden steps on the portico. There are non-functional decorative shutters on the front elevation.

Evidence of Integrity Location/Materials:

This house fits within the general style of houses within the neighborhood. With the exception of the difference of having a portico instead of a front porch, it is very similar in style and size to the house located at 2005 Charles Street (#3026).

Additions/Alternations to Primary Building:

There do not appear to be any additions to the main structure. There are vinyl replacement windows throughout the building.

Condition of Primary Building: Good
Observable Threats: other
Compatibility with Adjacent Land Uses:

This property is located fairly close to Princess Anne St. which is a commercial area. This may pose some threat to the residential nature of this neighborhood. This property is adjacent to other residential properties. The style and size of the house match the general style and size of many other houses in the neighborhood.

Potential NR Eligibility: Contributing
Evidence of Construction Date:

Found in the 1941 Tax Record under the ownership of Ruth G. Taylor. Under closer inspection of the 1940 Tax Record it was noticed that the exact same property (Lot 71) was owned by the same Ruth G. Taylor with the same land values and buildings; however, it was listed as 113 Patton Road. It was decided by myself (CMJ) and Travis Walker in the Fredericksburg archives that these properties (113 Patton and 2015 Charles) were one and the same. This section of Charles Street had not yet been annexed from Spotsylvania into Fredericksburg. This was also verified from a 1940 map drawn of the Fredericksburg area shwoing this small section of road as being unlabeled and still part of Spotsylvania. Properties from Spotsylvania were in the works of being annexed during 1940.

Other Comments/Salient Details:

There is a brick chimney located on the Southeast elevation of the house (located closer to the back) with a metal cap. There are two sheds. One shed is larger and matches the house; it has stucco exterior walls and an end-gabled, asphalt shingle roof. The other shed is smaller and is made of wood composite paneling. It has a gambrel roof with asphalt shingle.

Edited by SB and CES

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