Site Number: 2040

Date of Survey: 09/24/2017
Address: 1516
Number of Structures: 1
Construction Date: 1914
Current Use of Primary Building: Multi Family
Historic Use of Primary Building: Multi Family
Secondary Building:
Style of Primary Building: Other

Number of Stories: 1
Width (bays): 3
Foundation Material: Concrete
Depth (rooms): 4
Structural System: Frame
Wall Cladding Material: wood clapboards
Roof Shape: Gable
Roof Material: asphalt shingle

Decorative Details/Unique Features:

Covered front porch with decorative wood posts connected by twisted wrought iron railing, posts sit on metal raisers from poured slab porch which is covered in tattered carpeting, front door has federal style transom, wood paneling along all visible sides is gently scalloped at bottom, front roofline has false parapet with central window in somewhat southwestern style akin to a saloon front, comnecting panels between porch posts also western in style, two additional entry doors on left side one accesed directly left is closer, further one is accessed straight into rear third mass of house. Rear third of main mass is wholly different from first two thirds by additional width and stories as well as one shed dormer visible at right side approximately 3/4 down length of building, second possible dormer at rear right corner but may be full story with rear corner covered porch, curved brackets along side eaves

Evidence of Integrity Location/Materials:

Entire front porch seems original with wood, windows and door surround as well as railing and collums, windows and door surrounds along sides seem original, eave brackets likely original, siding original, central chimney at main front mass has original material

Additions/Alternations to Primary Building:

Windows have additional modern metal one over one windows placed on exterior, original windows visible behind, roof covering is replacement, Rear third mass has concrete block foundation unlike front two thirds with slab, likely later addition, interior of central chimney has two layers of later addition materials brick and aluminum

Condition of Primary Building: Fair
Observable Threats: neglect
Compatibility with Adjacent Land Uses:

Compatible with corner building in terms of setback and street facing with but not by use (corner is commercial) footprint and setback incompatible with left adjacent buildings but is compatible in use as well as with remainder of block and across street as mostly residential, compatible in height with nearby buildings but style is wholly unique to area

Potential NR Eligibility: Contributing
Evidence of Construction Date:

Found at the Fredericksburg Circuit Court in Land Book 1913-1915 under F.W. Coleman on page 7(1914-0-7).

Other Comments/Salient Details:


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