Site Number: 2037

Date of Survey: 09/22/2017
Address: 306
Number of Structures: 3
Construction Date: 1921
Current Use of Primary Building: Single Family
Historic Use of Primary Building: Single Family
Secondary Building: Shed
Style of Primary Building: American Foursquare

Number of Stories: 2
Width (bays): 3
Foundation Material: Concrete
Depth (rooms): 3
Structural System: Frame
Wall Cladding Material: vinyl
Roof Shape: Hip
Roof Material: asphalt shingle

Decorative Details/Unique Features:

Has small front porch area on concrete slab. Porch had flat roof that is held up with two columns. House is mostly square but has half octagonal protrusion on left side. The other half of the front is where the front door and porch is. On the left, the back 1/3 extends for another room. There is also a side door on the left just before that extended area.

Evidence of Integrity Location/Materials:

House has clearly been recently renovated. Has new windows and siding, likely new roofing.

Additions/Alternations to Primary Building:

Had addition at back with shed roof, that's also the part that extends on the left. A lot has been replaced. Siding, windows, roofing, fencing. Also an added bar/shed structure at back. Octagonal space at front of the house is also likely an addition.

Condition of Primary Building: Good
Observable Threats: none
Compatibility with Adjacent Land Uses:

Fits with the rest of the residences around it.

Potential NR Eligibility: Contributing
Evidence of Construction Date:

Other Comments/Salient Details:


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